United States Surimi Market Value - By Species (Alaska Pollock, Pacific Whitening, Silver Crap), By Distribution Channel (Direct Sales, Indirect Sales), By Application (Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Animal Feed), By Industry Analysis, Size, Share & Forecast, 2023 – 2032

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MVI Statistics and Viewpoints:

  • United States Surimi Market size exceeded USD 1.12 Billion in 2022 
  • The market is poised to expand at a CAGR of over 6.4% from 2023 to 2032. 
  • By the end of the forecast period, the market is anticipated to surpass USD 2 Billion.

Surimi producers are diligently focusing on several factors to enhance their products and meet consumer demands. These factors include utilizing high-quality raw materials sourced from sustainable fisheries, implementing advanced processing techniques to ensure optimal texture and flavor, and continuously innovating to introduce new and exciting surimi-based product variations. Additionally, surimi producers are also prioritizing stringent quality control measures to guarantee product safety and consistency, further bolstering consumer confidence in their offerings.

United States Surimi Market

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Market Overview:

Surimi, a popular seafood product, is based on the premise of transforming fish meat into a versatile ingredient with numerous applications. This novel idea entails carefully selecting and processing fish to produce a paste-like substance that can mimic the texture and flavor of various seafood, such as crab or shrimp. Surimi opens up a world of culinary possibilities by utilizing this concept, allowing chefs and food manufacturers to create delicious and affordable seafood-inspired dishes for a wider consumer base.

United States Surimi Market Value Insights

Report Coverage


Base Year


Market Size in 2022

USD 1.12 Billion

Forecast Period

2023 to 2032

CAGR (2023 to 2032)


Forecast Year Value, 2032

USD 2 Billion

Historical Data for

2019 to 2022

Segment Covered

Species, Distribution Channel, and Application

Companies Covered

  • SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co.
  • Trident Seafoods Corporation
  • Trans-Ocean Products, Inc.
  • Aqua Star
  • Alaska Seafood Company
  • and more.  


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Growth Drivers:

  • Changing Consumer Preferences: As consumers become more health-conscious and seek alternative protein sources, surimi has gained popularity. Surimi is a low-fat, high-protein seafood product that appeals to health-conscious individuals. Its versatility in various recipes and ability to mimic the texture and flavor of different seafood have attracted consumers looking for healthy and convenient meal options.
  • Increasing Ethnic Diversity and Culinary Influences: The United States has a diverse population with a wide range of culinary preferences. Surimi, with its ability to adapt to different flavors and cuisines, has found favor among consumers from various ethnic backgrounds. Its use in Asian cuisines, such as sushi, stir-fries, and dumplings, has introduced surimi to a broader consumer base, driving market growth.
  • Product Innovation and Development: Surimi producers in the United States are continuously innovating and developing new surimi-based products to cater to evolving consumer demands. They are creating variations with different flavors, textures, and packaging options to attract consumers and enhance their dining experiences. The introduction of value-added products, such as surimi seafood sticks, crab cakes, and surimi-based seafood salads, has contributed to the growth of the market.

By Species Synopsys:                      

Alaska Pollock segment dominated the United States Surimi Market in 2022

United States Surimi Market Size

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Alaska Pollock has emerged as the dominant player in the United States market, holding prominent shares due to several key factors. Its high-quality and abundant supply, sourced from the cold and pristine waters of Alaska, provides superior flavor and texture. The versatile nature of Alaska Pollock, with its flaky and mild white flesh, makes it ideal for surimi production and the creation of various surimi-based products. Additionally, its favorable nutritional profile, being low in fat and rich in protein, aligns with the health-conscious preferences of United States consumers. Over time, Alaska Pollock surimi has gained a positive reputation, driving consumer preference and solidifying its position in the market. The combination of these factors has established Alaska Pollock as a leading force in the United States market, capturing significant market shares.

Additionally, In the fiscal year 2020-21, Indian seafood exports reached a total volume of 1,149,510 metric tons, valued at US$ 5.96 billion. The United States and China emerged as the primary importers of Indian seafood. Frozen shrimp remained the leading export item, with frozen fish being the subsequent major product in terms of export volume.

Top Companies Includes In The United States Surimi Landscape:

  • SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co.
  • Trident Seafoods Corporation
  • Trans-Ocean Products, Inc.
  • Aqua Star
  • Alaska Seafood Company
  • Gorton's Seafood
  • Eastern Fish Company
  • Mrs. Friday's
  • Fishery Products International (FPI)
  • High Liner Foods
  • Others

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In-depth analysis of United States Surimi Market along with industry coverage and forecasting for the following segments:

Market Size, By Species

  • Alaska Pollock
  • Pacific Whitening
  • Silver Crap
  • Others

Market Size, By Distribution Channel

  • Direct Sales
  • Indirect Sales

Market Size, By Application

  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Animal Feed
  • Others

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