Europe Telemedicine Market Value - By Service (Tele-Monitoring, Store-and-Forward, Real-Time Interactive), By Technology (Hardware, Software, Telecommunications), By Application (Tele-Cardiology, Tele-Radiology, Tele-Pathology, Tele-Dermatology, Tele-Numerology, Emergency Care, Home Health), By End User (Tele-Hospitals, Tele-Homes), By Country (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe), and By Industry Analysis, Size, Share & Forecast, 2023 – 2032

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MVI Statistics and Viewpoints:

  • Europe Telemedicine Market size exceeded USD 22.11 Billion in 2022. 
  • The market is expected to showcase a CAGR of over 16.7% from 2023 to 2032. 
  • By the end of the forecast period, the market is anticipated to reach a valuation of around USD 103.96 Billion.

The European telemedicine industry is dynamic and competitive, with a growing number of manufacturers and startups entering the space. These manufacturers are helping healthcare systems adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape, with telemedicine becoming an integral part of delivering efficient and accessible healthcare services to patients throughout Europe.

Europe Telemedicine Market

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Market Overview:

Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare services to patients through the use of technology such as video conferencing, phone calls, and text messages. It allows patients to share information or vitals with their healthcare providers from a distance, allowing them to interact with them more frequently than in the traditional healthcare system. The European telemedicine industry has grown and transformed significantly as a result of advancements in digital healthcare technologies, changing patient preferences, and the need for remote medical services. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications and information technology to provide healthcare services and consultations to patients over the internet, bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and patients. The European telemedicine market is rapidly evolving, with opportunities for technology providers, healthcare institutions, and innovators to shape the future of healthcare delivery throughout the region.

Europe Telemedicine Market Value Insights

Report Coverage


Base Year


Market Size in 2022

USD 22.11 Billion

Forecast Period

2023 to 2032

CAGR (2023 to 2032)


Forecast Year Value, 2032

USD 103.96 Billion

Historical Data for

2019 to 2022

Segment Covered

Service, Technology,  Application, End User, Country

Companies Covered

  • Phillips Healthcare
  • IBM Corporation
  • Aerotel Medical Systems
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • AMD Global Telemedicine
  • Others


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  • Increasing Demand for Remote Care: The demand for remote medical services has increased as a result of factors such as an ageing population, an increase in chronic diseases, and the need to provide care in remote or underserved areas. Telemedicine offers a solution by allowing patients to access healthcare from the convenience of their own homes.
  • Pandemic Response: The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of telemedicine as a safe alternative to face-to-face consultations. Lockdowns and social distancing forced healthcare systems to use remote care to maintain patient access while reducing virus transmission risks.
  • Aging Population: The ageing population of Europe necessitates increased healthcare services. Telemedicine helps the elderly by providing home-based care and remote monitoring, assisting in the management of chronic conditions, and reducing hospitalisations.


  • Regulatory Complexity: Telemedicine services must adhere to a complex web of regulations, privacy laws, and data protection requirements that vary across Europe. Navigating this regulatory landscape can be difficult for telemedicine providers, resulting in implementation delays.

By Service Synopsys:    

Europe Telemedicine Market Size

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The Europe market is classified by service into tele-monitoring, store-and-forward, real-time interactive. Among these segments, the real-time interactive segment is expected to hold the largest revenue share during the study period. The ability of real-time interactive telemedicine to facilitate live, direct communication between patients and healthcare providers aligns well with patients' immediate healthcare needs. It provides the benefits of convenience, prompt consultations, and personalised care, making it a popular choice for a wide range of medical services.

By Application Synopsys:    

The Europe market is segmented by application into tele-radiology, tele-cardiology, tele-pathology, tele-dermatology, emergency care, tele-numerology, and home health. Among these segments, the  tele-cardiology segment is expected to hold the largest share of the Europe telemedicine industry during the forecast period. Cardiovascular diseases are common, and tele-cardiology addresses the need for timely cardiac care, particularly in remote areas with limited access to specialised cardiologists. Tele-cardiology helps prevent cardiac complications and improves patient outcomes by providing immediate consultations, monitoring, and intervention options.

Top Companies Includes In The Europe Telemedicine Landscape:

  • Phillips Healthcare
  • IBM Corporation
  • Aerotel Medical Systems
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • AMD Global Telemedicine
  • Mckesson Corp
  • Honeywell Lifesciences
  • Cerner Corporation
  • GE Healthcare
  • Medtronic, Inc.
  • CardioCom
  • Polycom, Inc.
  • SHL Telemedicine
  • InTouch Technologies
  • Biotelemetry
  • All Scripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.
  • Others

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In-depth analysis of Europe Telemedicine Market along with industry coverage and forecasting for the following segments:

Market Size, By Service

  • Tele-Monitoring
  • Store-and-Forward
  • Real-Time Interactive

Market Size, By Technology

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Telecommunications

Market Size, By Application

  • Tele-Cardiology
  • Tele-Radiology
  • Tele-Pathology
  • Tele-Dermatology
  • Tele-Numerology
  • Emergency Care
  • Home Health

Market Size, By End User

  • Tele-Hospitals
  • Tele-Homes

Market Size, By Country

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Rest of Europe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How big is the Europe telemedicine market?

    The Europe telemedicine industry size surpassed USD 103.96 Billion in 2022.

  • Who are the top players in the Europe telemedicine landscape?

    Phillips Healthcare, IBM Corporation, Aerotel Medical Systems, Cisco Systems Inc., AMD Global Telemedicine, Mckesson Corp, Honeywell Lifesciences, Cerner Corporation, GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Inc., CardioCom, Polycom, Inc., SHL Telemedicine, InTouch Technologies, Biotelemetry, All Scripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. and others are the major players in the Europe telemedicine industry.

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